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Icaro 2000
ICARO 2000, the first hang-glider factory in Europe, was founded in 1973 by Alfio Caronti & Peter Skaarup.
Alfio received his first glider from Bill Moyes, during a water-ski competition in 1969. He was the first Hang glider pilot in Europe, who took off from a mountain on the 4th November 1971. The glider used by Alfio Caronti was a kingpostless glider with square tubes.
Peter Skaarup was the technician of the factory and together they manufactured hang-gliders under the license of the Australian firm Moyes.
In 1981 Franco Garzia & Gianni Hotz, became the new owners of ICARO 2000 and continued to make Moyes hang-gliders. Their first glider was the Meteor 170.
Since 1983 ICARO has been using only tubes in Perunal (aluminium alloy 7075 for aeronautics) from the Swiss manufacturer Alumenziken.
Until 1991 ICARO sold, in Europe, more then 3,000 gliders (Moyes models like Mega II, Missile, Mars, GT, GTR and XS).
In 1992 Manfred Ruhmer becomes part of the staff and ICARO started to develop original designs with its own sailmakers and workshop with 20 employees and a 1,200+ sq m building. The development of new models was carried out by Manfred Ruhmer, one of the world's best pilots and Franco Garzia, a former Italian champion. Since this time all ICARO hang glider models are certified by the DHV (Germany).
In 1992 the first ICARO's original design appeared: the Brazil, followed in 1994 by the Laminar. With this wing ICARO started to reach competition results 1994 European Championship in Laragne (France): Manfred Ruhmer is 2nd 1995 World Championship in Ager (Spain): Manfred Ruhmer is 2nd. In 1995 the first prototype of kingpostless gliders appears.
In 1996 ICARO presented its first prototype of topless glider and with this wing, Manfred reached 2nd place in the European Championship in Hungary.
Since 1998 ICARO has its own landing area (more then 50.000sq m) with Club House, Camping facilities and Store of accessories for Sport Aviation: these facilities are located at Lago Maggiore (northern Italy), facing a mountain ideal for flying.
1998: Via Verdi, I-21038 Sangiano (VA), Italy.
In 1998 ICARO forms an agreement with Felix -A.I.R., by which ICARO will make keels and sails for the Atos (ICARO has made 550 so far) and obtains the option to sell the Atos in certain markets.
ICARO introduces on the paragliders' scenery the Cyber, a new basic-intermediate wing, with the latest technology and construction methods and highest safety DHV 1. Also in 2000, on October 25th, ICARO reviewed its agreement with Felix; ICARO takes over the worldwide production and distribution of the Atos from the home base in Sangiano. Felix works exclusively on the development of the design.
After having sold more than 400 Atos in two years, a period in which ICARO took an active part in the manufacturing of sails, A-frames and keels, it was decided that henceforth A.I.R. would devote 100% to the development and technical support, whereas ICARO would become in charge of the production and distribution of the Atos.
In September 2001 Christian Ciech starts working for Icaro 2000 in the development team, and after six months comes into the scenery the new Icaro 2000's rigid wing: the Stratos.

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