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Icaro Twice


The tandem design for 2007, the Twice was certified DHV 1-2.

Suitable for the professional tandem instructor or hobby pilots, the shorter line length and canopy curvature make the Twice light and efficient. For each paraglider model is offered special ICARO motor risers which have been developed for motored flight. ICARO motor risers have many functional details and are an optimal partner for free flight, backpack motor, trike or flyke. Wheather installed at ICARO or bought as an optional accssory, ICARO motor risers are for paramotoring and at the same time can also be used for free-flight.

The Twice was designed so that the flight characteristics would remain the same no matter how heavy the load.  Fitted with trimmers as a standard feature, thisproviding optimal adaption to the airspeed. A small asymmetrical adjustment to both trimmers balances the torqe of the engine. One-sided balancing of the brake is gone.

Two attachment loops for the main suspension as well as variable fastening points for the brake pulley provide maximum flexibilty in all variants of mororized flight.
Two pulleys attached at different heights allow the brake line to be adjusted to a suitable position.

Price 2009: US$3,900.00


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