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Icon A5
The Icon A5 amphibious LSA was unveiled at a very rock ’n’ roll premiere in Los Angeles in June 2008.
The ICON A5 has two seats and is made mostly of composite materials, with a high wing, T-tail, pusher prop, and tricycle landing gear. It is powered by a Rotax 912 flat-four engine, with hybrid air-water cooling and providing 75 kW (100 HP). All landing gear assemblies have single wheels, the nose gear hinging forward, the main gear retracting into sponsons that also provide flotation stability. Seating is side-by-side, the canopy hinging forward for access. The wings fold back along the rear of the aircraft for ease in handling.
Designed for recreation rather than transport and first flown in July 2008, the A5 is a sport plane available in 2008 for US$139,000.
The A5 received a lot of publicity but no production machine had flown yet.
The long-delayed amphibian could at last be nearing production after wrestling with overweight issues for years. In 2012 the manufacturer awaited FAA's final decision on whether that agency would allow an additional 250 pounds beyond the LSA amphibious spec of 1,430 pounds or 1,680 pounds MTOW.

Icon's stated grounds for exception: The extra weight is needed for its spin-resistant wing design. The ruling would only benefit the A5, not any other amphib or float plane.


Engine: Rotax 912, 75 kW
Wing span: 10.4m / 34 ft
Length: 6.7 m / 22 ft
Empty weight: 450 kg / 1,000 lb
Max speed: 192 kph
Stall: 80 kph
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