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Howard Hughes Engineering Speed 2000 / SP-2000


The large square plan wing section provides a very low pitching moment. There is very little need to use the trim in either the SP2000 or 4000. When flaps are set, the increase or decrease in power has very little effect on the pitching which makes the aircraft very easy to fly. Wing cord is 1.5m thickness 20 cm maximum at about 1/3 cord.

With a wingspan of only twenty-eight feet, (28') the square plan wings have an inbuilt anti-stall feature that keeps the wing tips flying right up to the stall. On landing, the large flaps are effective; the aircraft can slow right down and the effect of crosswinds is much less pronounced. Although they're comparatively short, the wings on the SP2000 provide excellent stability in the air and on the ground.

The tyres are fifteen inch (15”) Air Tracs with disk brakes, and can handle rough or bush strips with ease. The nose wheel casters.

The LSA ‘Speed’ was available in various configurations, from the lightweight RAA registerable SP-2000S (Nosewheel or tailwheel) to the four seat SP-4000 (Nosewheel only).

Fitted with side control sticks, hydraulic toe operated disk brakes, elevator trim, and multi position electric flaps.

Australian LightWing SPEED SP-2000-S
Engine: Rotax 912-s or Rotax 914
Wingspan: 28 ft
Wing cord: 1.5m
Wing thickness: 20 cm maximum at about 1/3 cord.
Wing Area: 12.62 sqm
Fuel Capacity: 120 lt
Useable fuel: 112 lt
Cruise 115 kts
VNE 145 kts
Stall Speed full flap: 45 kts
Range max: 600 nm
Takeoff distance to 50 ft MTOW: 600m
Seats: 2
Undercarriage:  Nosewheel or Tailwheel
Structural testing: +- 5 G
Wheels: 6" x 6" tyres 15"
Rear baggage area: 1m x .8m x .8m



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