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Hummel Aviation H5



In September 2009 the plans were available and cost US$350.00. The welded parts, bulkheads, ribs and misc. other parts were available for scratch builders and kits were being developed. The H5 is basically a slightly modified Ultracruiser Plus. The major difference is the style of the canopy, turtle deck and dorsal fin area. It is now like the Hummelbird. We also wanted to get away from the name Ultracruiser Plus because of the confusion it caused since we had a plane called the Ultracruiser. People thought the Plus was an Ultracruiser with some option added as opposed to a completely different airplane.
Optional wing tanks allow 21 USgallons of fuel.

Horse power range: 60 to 85
Airfoil: Harry Ribblett GA30-618
Wing span: 22.5 feet (optionally 25 feet)
Wing area: 100 sq. ft. - 22.5 ft. wing.
Wing loading: 8.5 lbs./sq. ft.
Fuselage length: 17 ft.
Empty weight: 457 lbs.
Gross weight: 850 lbs.
G-load: 3.8 plus/minus
VNE: 150 mph
Cruise speed @ 75% power: 120 mph
Stall: 46 mph
Take of distance: 300 feet.
Landing roll: 600 feet.
Fuel capacity: 9 – 21 USG


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