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Horten Bomber Project

In February 1945 a committee under Professor Bock with representatives from Junkers, Messerschmitt and Horten, deliberated over the optimum design for a 4 jet engined bomber.  Designs by Junkers (Ju 287. A swept forward tailed aircraft), Messerschmitt (Project 1107 as swept back tailed aircraft), and Horten (swept back tailless) were considered, and a joint report issued giving the committee’s opinion on the best estimate for relative performance.  Junkers published the report.

The specification to be noted was for 900 kph at 10 km height and a range of 3,000 km using four H 11 jets.  According to Horten the committee decided that his machine, given the same top speed as the others would have more range and less landing speed.  (125 kph against the 175 kph for the others.)  Alternatively he could carry 8 tons (metric) of bombs against the 4 by his competitors for the same range.
The dimensions of the aircraft were roughly as follows:


Horten said the agreed CDo for this aircraft was 0.0078 excluding Mach number correction.
In the structural design he reckoned to save 6% of the all up weight (spar and rib weight) compared with the conventional type.  He thought the committee a bit unfair because they insisted on increasing his estimate of structure weight by about a ton.
All the above figures were remembered by Horten, who used them as a rough illustration.  They are not accurate.


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