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Horten Ho XII

The H XII was a light side by side two seater with a 100 hp engine.  It was intended as a private owners coupe but R.L.M. were interested in it as a trainer.  The first of the type was built and flown at Gottingen (where it was found destroyed in June this year) as a glider; work was also in progress at Kirtorf (sp.) where a mock up of the power center section was found, badly damaged by fire.

The wing used a Mustang section at the root graded to a symmetrical section with Mustang fairing shape at the tip.  Washout was 3 – 3.5 degrees.
Elevon controls were of H VII type with a 20% Frise nose.  Plain flaps were fitted with a H IX center section spoiler and “trafficator” drag rudders.
The undercarriage was unusual in having two wheels forward and one main wheel aft taking 60% of the weight.  All three wheels were retractable.

Little flying had been done, but it was found that the same troubles were arising as on the H IVb.  The laminar flow sections were causing bad tip stalling and loss of control effectiveness at the stall.

Span: 10 m
Aspect Ratio: 8
Wing Area: 32 sp./m (345 sp.ft.)
Leading Edge Sweepback: 30 deg
Weight: 700 kg (1,550 lb.)
Wing Loading: 2.19 kg/ (4.5 lb/sq.ft.)




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