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Horten Ho VI


In general layout of the Ho.VI was very similar to the H IV.  The span was increased to 24 m (78.7’) accompanied by a decrease of 5% in wing area, giving an aspect ratio of 32.4.

The object in building the H VI was to achieve the most efficient high performance sailplane regardless of cost.  Two were built and the first was tested late in 1944.  It was performance tested by the relative sinking speed method previously described, using a calibrated H IV for the second glider.  The Hortens were very pleased because it was better than the D 30 (same span and wing loading) over the whole speed range.

Aerodynamically there were no new features of special interest compared with the H IV.  Wing sections and control systems remained the same.  The structural design had to be refined in order to get sufficient bending strength in the very thin cantilever.  The main spar was made up of laminations of plain wood and “bignefel” (a compressed impregnated wood) to give extra strength at the root, and a special wing root fitting using four taper pins in place of the normal two was devised to distribute the concentrated loads at the root.  The torsion box design was modified also to increase the wing torsional stiffness, since at high speed it had been found that an unstable short period longitudinal oscillation, involving wing twist, could develop.  The speed at which the damping of this oscillation became zero on the  H VI was found to be about 180 kph.

The H VI is of interest only as a high performance sailplane for record breaking purposes.  It is too costly and difficult to handle for general use.
The second aircraft of this type built was found intact near Horsfeld; the first aircraft was found destroyed near Gottingen, where it had been flying.



Wingspan: 24.2 m / 79 ft 5 in
Wing area: 17.8sq.m
Empty weight: 330 kg / 728 lb
Gross Weight: 410kg
Payload: 80kg
Wing Load: 23kg/sq.m
Aspect ratio: 32.4 to 1
MinSink: 0.45 m/s 70 kph
L/DMax: 45 83.5 kph
Seats: 1






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