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Hiway Cloudbase



Made in 1975, the Hiway Cloudbase was a second generation glider which incorporated battens and deflexers. At this time battens became the norm. Early models had two radial battens whilst later ones, as pictured, have chordwise battens. The Cloudbase can be slowed down without the nose or wing dropping. On light marginal days this gives the pilot time to put the kite back on the top when the wind drops momentarily, instead of having to go down. On stronger days the higher aspect ratio ensures that the glider can use parts of the sky that other machines simply cannot reach. The Cloudbase was supplied in three sizes to cover pilot weights from 7 to 18 st.
Cloudbase model 20
medium 10-15 st
Leading edge 20 ft 2 in
Keel 18 ft 2 in
Sail area 220 sq ft
Aspect ratio 4
Weight 43 lbs
Price 1975 £378.00





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