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Hispano Aviacon HA-300 / XC-6


Rolled out of Military Factory No. 36 at Helouan for the first time in 1963, the Messerschmitt-designed supersonic interceptor was expected to commence flight trials with an Indian test pilot.

Development on the Hispano HA-300, or, XC-6, began in Spain and was subsequently shelved.

The fighter is powered by two 4,850 lb.s.t. (2 200 kgp) Bristol Siddeley Orpheus 703 turbojets for initial flight trials, but the definitive version is expected to be powered by a pair of 7,000 lb.s.t. (3 175 kgp) turbojets of a type developed in Egypt by Ferdinand Brandner. Whereas the fighter is only likely to attain about Mach 1.2 with Orpheus engines, a maximum speed of the order of Mach 2.2 is anticipated with the Brandner-designed engine which, if successful, may also power the Hindustan HF-24. Basically of clipped delta planform, and featuring a long, needle nose, the fighter has side-by-side mounted engines, a narrow track, fuselage-housed undercarriage, and a Martin-Baker zero-altitude ejection seat.


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