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Hispano Aviacon HA.220 Super Saeta



HA-200 Saeta development potential as a lightweight ground attack aircraft lead, via the two-seat HA-200E Super Saeta with more powerful Marbore engines, to the purpose-built, single-seat HA-220 Super Saeta, with increased armour, self-sealing fuel tanks and an additional fuel tank in the rear cockpit, replacing the second seat. Powered by two 1,058 lb thrust Marbore VI engines, the rear cockpit is used to accommodate an additional fuel tank. Armament can comprise a variety of bombs, guns, and rockets on under-fuselage/wing stations.
Two Browning M-3 machine-guns.
Prototype (XC.10C) flown for first time on April 25, 1970.

EdeA designation C.10C, later A.10C.
Twenty five were  built.
Military Users: Egypt, Spain.

HA-220 Super Saeta / C-10C
Wing span: 35 ft 10 in (10.93 m)
Maximum speed: 435 mph (700 km/h).



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