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Hispano Aviacon HA-200 Saeta

Helwan HA 200B AI Kahira





Hispano decided to build a basic jet trainer using two Marbore II engines, and designed the HA.200 Saeta (Arrow) ‑ Spain's first jet aircraft ‑ which used many components from the HA.100 Trianaa, including the wings and rear fuselage.
Willy Messerschmitt supervised the design. The engines, mounted in the lower forward fuselage, were fed from an air intake in the nose, and exhausted from two nozzles below the trailing edge of the wing roots. The HA.200 stored its fuel in two wing and two fuselage tanks.
Two prototypes were built and first flew on 12 August 1955 with the Fernando Juan Valiente. 190 were built, both by Hispano and under a licence agreement in Egypt (as the Helwan HA‑200B AI‑Kahira).
Prototype HA-200 Saeta EC-AMM
From the autumn of 1957 an experimental program was initiated by INTA. Ten pre-production aircraft were ordered by the Spanish Air Force, of which 5 will be transformed into HA-200 A (E14A Ejército del Aire in). The first aircraft was to fly on July 21, 1960, the rest be be delivered until 1962.
An additional series of 30 HA-200 A was built. The first of them flew October 11, 1962, the others being delivered between 1963 and 1965. In April 1965 flew the first HA-200 B (C10B in Ejército del Aire service) of which 55 were built and incorporated in the Ejército del Aire over 1965-1967.
The Hispano HA-200-R1 Saeta (two turbomeca Marbore IIA turbojet engine)
Hispano's Saeta fulfilled jet training, ground attack training and, in the dedicated single‑seat HA.220 model, limited strike roles in Spainish service. The indigenous CASA 101 Aviojet provided the replacement, deliveries commencing in 1980.
The Egyptian aircraft were supplanted by the Aero L 29 Delfin.





HA-200R Saeta
Prototype EC-AMM first flew on August 12, 1955, followed by second prototype. Spanish Air Force (Ejercito del Aire - EdeA) designation XE.14 for the prototypes and E.14 for 10 pre-production examples, five of which were brought up to HA-200A status.

HA-200A Saeta
First production batch (of 25), powered by Turbomeca Mabore lls, first example flown on October 11, 1962. Much refined over earlier HA.200s. EdeA designation E.14A. Attack version (two hard points) C.10A, later A.10A.

HA-200B AI-Kahira
Version for Egyptian Air Force. 20mm Hispano cannon in the nose, replacing 7.7min Breda-Safat machine guns of the HA.200A. First of five Spanish-built examples flown on July 21, 1960. 63 HA-200Bs built under licence in Egypt as the AI-Kahira (Cairo) at Factory 36, Helwan, Cairo.

HA-200D Saeta
Further refined production batch, EdeA designation E.14B. 55 built.

HA-200E Saeta
Dedicated ground attack/counter-insurgency aircraft, with four wing hardpoints and Mabore VIs. Conversions (about 40) undertaken from HA-200Ds, designated C.10Bs then A.10Bs.

Wing span: 36.17 ft (10.42 m)
Overall length: 29.29 ft (8.9 m)
Height: 9.33 ft (2.8 m)
Wing area: 187.2 sq.ft (17.4 sq.m).
Wing aspect ratio: 6.22.
Empty wt: 4233 lb (1921 kg).
Normal T/O wt: 5842 lb (2652 kg).
MTOW: 7617 lb (3458 kg).
Internal fuel cap: 164 Imp.Gal. (745 lt).
External fuel cap: 106 Imp.Gal. (481 lt).
Wing loading: 31.2 lb/sq.ft (152 kg/sq.m).
Max speed: 435 mph (699 kph)
Initial ROC: 2755 fpm (14 m/sec)
TO dist 50 ft: 1740 ft (530 m)
Range: 930 sm (1496 km).

Hispano Aviation HA 200 D Saeta
Engine: 2 x Turboméca Marboré II A, 3924 N
Length: 29.429 ft / 8.97 m
Height: 10.696 ft / 3.26 m
Wingspan: 35.860 ft / 10.930 m
Max take off weight: 8048.3 lb / 3650.0 kg
Max. speed: 352 kt / 652 km/h
Service ceiling: 39370 ft / 12000 m
Range: 810 nm / 1500 km
Crew: 2

Engines: 2 x 880 lbs.t. (400 kgp) Turborneca Mabore IIA turbojets
Max speed, 435 mph (700 kph) at 22,966ft (7 000 m)
Cruise, 298 mph (480 kph)
Initial climb, 3,345 fpm. (17 m/sec)
Service ceiling, 41,000 ft (12 500 m)
Range, 1,056 mls (1 700 km)
Empty weight, 3,697 lb. (1677 kg)
Loaded weight, 6,305 lb (2 860 kg)
Span, 34ft 2.25 in (10.42 m)
Length, 29ft 1.5 in (8.88 m)
Wing area, 187.2 sq.ft (17,4 sq.m)









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