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Hispano Aviacon HA-42 / HA-43


First flying in 1947, the Hispano HS-42 and its derivative, the HA-43, were advanced military trainer aircraft produced in Spain. The basic design was that of a conventional, low-wing, cantilever monoplane with seating for the pilot and instructor in tandem.
The HS-42 had fixed, tailwheel undercarriage with spatted mainwheels, while the HA-43 had retractable main units. Produced on the assembly line that had been used to build Fokker D.XXI fighters, the HS-42 shared some components with this aircraft.
HS-43 (HA-43)
The HA-43D-1 advanced two-seat military trainer went into production for the Spanish Air Force in 1947.
The HA-43D-1 was followed in 1953 by the HA-100 EI replacement
Engine: Piaggio Stella P.VII C.16
Fixed undercarriage
Engine: Armstrong Siddeley Cheetah 27, 290 kW (390 hp)
Propeller: 2-bladed Rotol wooden variable-pitch
Propeller diameter: 2.84 m (9 ft 4 in)
Wingspan: 10.00 m (32 ft 10 in)
Wing area: 16.3 sq.m (175 sq ft)
Aspect ratio: 6.13:1
Length: 7.95 m (26 ft 1 in)
Height: 2.60 m (8 ft 6 in)
Empty weight: 1,504 kg (3,316 lb)
Gross weight: 2,050 kg (4,519 lb)
Fuel capacity: 400 L (110 US gal; 88 imp gal)
Maximum speed: 335 km/h (208 mph; 181 kn)
Cruise speed: 295 km/h (183 mph; 159 kn)
Stall speed: 118 km/h (73 mph; 64 kn) (flaps down)
Range: 1,200 km (746 mi; 648 nmi)
Endurance: 4 hr 15 min
Service ceiling: 6,000 m (20,000 ft)
Rate of climb: 7.2 m/s (1,410 ft/min)
Crew: 2
Guns: 2 × fixed, forward-firing 7.7 mm Breda-SAFAT machine guns in wings
Retractable undercarriage

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