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Vickers R80


The R80 airship at Barrow in Februrary 1920


Circa 1921 was the R80; the only example of the Small R33 Class. She was the last rigid to be planned before World War One ended. Measuring 534 ft in length, 70 ft in diameter, with a volume capacity of 1,250,000 cu ft she was fitted with four 250hp Wolsey Maybachs giving a maximum speed of 65mph. R80 was designed by Barnes Wallis and built by Vickers. When at Pulham decisions were reached that she was too small to be a lot of commercial use, and was laid up there after only 73 hours flying time. She was finally broken up in 1924.

Length: 534 ft
Diameter: 70 ft.
Volume capacity: 1,250,000 cu ft.
Engines: four 250hp Wolsey Maybachs.
Maximum speed: 65mph.


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