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H.M. Balloon Factory Gamma


An Advisory Committee for Aeronautics was formed in 1909, and a small dirigible, the Baby, was completed and flown. At the end of the year the Balloon School was made a separate establishment with Capper at its head, and the Factory became a civilian unit, although still under War Office direction.
The airship Baby had been rebuilt and improved into the larger Beta, and followed by the progressively larger Gamma of 1910 and Delta.
During the army manoeuvres of 1910 HMA Beta and recently completed Gamma were employed in evaluating their potential use to the army in warfare: in extended flights over Somerset, Dorset, Hampshire ad Wiltshire flying reconnaissance sorties; scouting for attacking and defending forces for a period of two months; covering, in the case of Beta, in excess of 1000 miles; spending most nights moored out in the open, using the cover afforded by a screen of trees; being maintained and serviced under these basic conditions, and on one occasion having a broken crankshaft replaced within the protection of a quarry.
Capacity: 101,000 cu.ft
Length: 152 ft
Width: 30 ft
Height: 52 ft
Gross lift: 2.9 ton
Disposable lift: 0.5 ton
Engines: 2 x Green 80 hp
Speed: 32 mph
Crew: 5




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