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Nulli Secundus

Nulli Secundus, British military airship No.1, was developed by Col. Capper and S.F.Cody. On September 10th, 1907, Nulli Secundus made her maiden flight, and on October 5th, piloted by Capper and Cody, she set up an endurance record for non-rigids by staying in the air for 3.5 hours on a journey from Farnborough to London. The achievement was unfortunately crowned by anti-climax, for excessive headwinds forced the airship down at Crystal Palace on the way back, where it had to be deflated and complete the return journey by road.

In December 1907, Cody began to build his first biplane at Farnborough, and since Nulli Secundus was rebuilding (to emerge as Nulli Secundus II the following summer). Nulli Secundus II had made its first flight on July 24th, 1908, and in May 1909, after withdrawing its support for aeroplane experiments, the War Office reorganized the Factory for the primary task of producing airships.




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