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Hillside Aviation Sunseeker



High monowing, strut-braced, Kevlar/foam construction. Full three-axis control system. Powered by a WAE two-cylinder horizontally opposed British microlight engine. The landing gear was Chrome-moly steel, trike type.

Engine: WAE 2 cyl, 30 hp
Wingspan 31 ft
Wing area 112 sq.ft
Length 18 ft
Empty weight 245 lb
Payload 245 lb
Gross 600 lb
Wing loading 4 lbs/sq.ft
L/D 22:1
Cruise speed 60 mph
Stall speed 19 mph
Vmax 63 mph
Climb rate 1000 fpm
Takeoff run 150-200 ft
Landing roll 150-200 ft
Fuel capacity 5 USG



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