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Hiller Helicopters Inc. was formed in 1942 for the development and production of rotary-wing aircraft. Early work on the Hiller Model XH-44, UH-4 Commuter and the UH-5, which introduced a newly-developed 'Rotor-Matic' rotor control system, led to the Hiller Model 360 prototype.
Stanley Hiller flew the first successful American co-axial helicopter, the XH-44, in July 1944, when he was only 19 years old. It also featured the world's first successful all-metal rigid-rotor blades. Hiller had learned to fly from his father at an early age, and at 16, Hiller had started a business building small gasoline engine model cars; revenue eventually grew to $100,000. Hiller became interested in helicopters in 1937 when he saw pictures of the Focke Wulf Fw 61 and Sikorsky's VS-300 in 1939. Hiller felt the tail rotors used on the VS-300 and the outriggers on the Fw 61 were wasteful and possibly unnecessary.
Formed 1942 as a division of Hiller Industries. Name changed to Hiller Helicopters in 1948.

In 1948 Hiller Helicopters produced the Hiller UH-12, subsequently supplying it to civilian operators and, as the H- 23B and OH-23C/D Raven, to the U.S. Army and to foreign air arms under the MDAP program . Three-seat UH-12E (first flown 1958) and four-seat UH-12E4 variants also developed. The Hiller HOE-1 Hornet ramjet ultralight helicopter and "Flying Platform" were two military experimental types devised by the company.

Fairchild Stratos Corporation acquired Hiller in 1964, hence the FH designations, believing they were about to secure a large military contract as the OH-5A stood out the preferred winner. Leaked production data of the OH-5A resulted in Howard Hughes successfully under bidding with the OH-6A. Fairchild meanwhile announced they would begin civilian helicopter production of a refined OH-5A, designated the FH1100.


In 1964 Fairchild-Stratos Corp purchased Hiller Aircraft with cash, not stock transactions. Hiller capabilities fitted into one of Fairchild’s primary goals – vertical takeoff and landing aircraft. The Hiller plant was to remain in Palo Alto.


Hiller Aviation Inc was formed in 1973 after acquiring the design rights, tooling and spares for Hiller 12E light helicopters from Fairchild Industries. The company provided support for operators of Hiller helicopters and produced three-seat UH- 12E and four-seat UH-12E-4 turbine conversions of the UH-12E, developed in conjunction with Soloy Conversions. Also introduced former Fairchild Hiller FH-1100 in 1984 (later as RH-1100). Became subsidiary of Rogerson Aircraft in 1984, reviving first the name Hiller Helicopters and later becoming Rogerson Hiller Corporation.

Hiller Aircraft Corporation was founded 1994 by Jeffrey Hiller (son of the founder of the original Hiller Aircraft company) and a consortium, to repurchase assets from Rogerson Hiller Corporation. First flight January 1995 of the UH-12E5 five-seat helicopter, and June 1995 for first newly built UH-12E3.

1995: 2140 West 18th St, Port Angeles, Washington 98362, USA.

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