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Henschel Hs 124


HS 124 V1
The Henschel HS 124 V1 was a prototype “Kampfzerstorer” or heavy fighter-bomber concept from the early Luftwaffe at a time when the development and rearmament of the Luftwaffe was largely a clandestine affair, hence the lack of Luftwaffe makings and swastikas.
Only three prototypes were constructed, each with different engines. The —V1 variant was powered by two liquid-cooled Jumo V-12 engines.



The 1936 twin-engined strategic fighter, competing for orders with the Fw 57 and Bf 110, was heavier than the Bf 110 and Fw 57, the glazed nose seating a gunner. For its size the Hs 124 was an agile and fast aircraft, but Luftwaffe requirements were better fulfilled by the Bf 110. Three HS 124 were built.







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