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Agrocopteros Ltda
Tecnologías Aeronauticas S.A.
Aeroandinas S.A.

In 1961 Máximo Tedesco founded the aircraft company AGROCOPTEROS LTDA. and began the design and production of autogyros for air spraying.
1997: Apartado Aeros 1789, Cali, Columbia.

A licenced distributor for a number of light fixed- and rotary-wing kit aircraft since the 1970s, Agrocopteros assembled and modified many for agricultural roles.

Tedesco developed ten aircraft: Autogiro, Scamp B development of the Aerosport Scamp Biplane, Canard Gold-wing, Zenith 4 seats, Zenith Aerobatic, MXP-740 Savannah version of the Zenair CH-701 and MXP-640 Amigo version of the Zenair CH-601 in assembled and kit forms, MXP-650 Amigo S, MXP-750 Air-spraying and MXP-100 Aventura.

In 1998 Agrocopetros Ltda was dissolved.

In 1998 Máximo Tedesco with his son Filippo, formed Tecnologías Aeronauticas S.A. were he acted as Technical Director and Chief of Projects.

In 2001 Máximo Tedesco began the MXP-800 FANTASY for the European market, an all metal two place high wing airplane that incorporates the technical characteristics of weight and performance contained in the new Common European Air Regulations for Light Aircraft.

The Aeroandinas S.A. company has retaken all of the strengths of the previous two companies. Here, Tedesco designed and developed the all new high performance airplane MXP-1000 TAYRONA, for the North American and European markets and complying with the new international LSA Rule.
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