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Helio Aircraft Corporation


Founded 1948 as Helio Aircraft Corporation to develop the two-seat Koppen-Bollinger lightplane. Four-seat STOL derivative Helio Courier entered production 1954. Superseded by the H-391B, H-395 and H-395A Super Couriers introduced from 1958. Helio H-250 and H-295 six-seat utility aircraft flew in 1964 and 1965 respectively, and were produced for both civil and military use; Super Couriers in USAF service designated U-10. The H-550A Stallion with turboprop engine followed. Helio was acquired by General Aircraft Corporation in 1969 and renamed Helio Aircraft Company, but the assets later acquired by Helio Courier Ltd. (which produced H-295 Super and HT- 295 Trigear Couriers), Helio Precision Products and, in 1976, Helio Aircraft Ltd. In 1984 company bought by Aerospace Technology Industries and in 1989 by Aircraft Acquisition Corporation; the latter re-formed company as Helio Aircraft Corporation to produce Couriers and turboprop H- 550A Stallion, plus develop new piston-engined Courier 700 and turboprop-engined Super Courier, which did not take place.


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