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Helicopter Technik München (HTM) GmbH
The Helikopter Technik Wagner of Friedrichshafen, Germany, was formed by Josef Wagner with the objective to develop a torque-free basic vehicle which could be fitted with a variety of cabins and specialized equipment for different applications. Founded to produce the Skytrac two-seat lightweight multipurpose helicopter, designed originally by Wagner Helicopter Technik.
Development was started in 1960 and designed by Chief Engineer Alfred Vogt, the earliest simple two-seat pod-shaped test models with coaxial rotors and skid landing gear were fairly rudimentary machines built to test the concept, and one design was a roadable machine titled the Rotocar III.
The HTM FJ-Skytrac received both German and FAA certification, and the company developed a kit to convert the Skytrac into a four-seat light helicopter known as the HTM Skyrider. Production terminated owing to lack of capital.
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