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Heinkel P.1077 Julia


Besides Bachem with the Ba-349 Natter, three other companies submitted proposals for the Jägernotprogramm (Emergency Fighter Program). The front runner was Ernst Heinkel A.G. with their P.1077 Julia which took off from a rail and landed on a skid like the Me-163, the runner up was the Junkers Flugzeug und Motorenwerke’s EF-127 Walli; the Messerschmitt A.G.’s P.1104 was also in the running. As expected, Heinkel won the contract; Heinkel was a preferred and established aircraft manufacturer and already had its own dedicated woodworking shop in Vienna, which could be geared up to build the Julia very quickly. In addition, the P.1077 was easy and cheap to build and had low running costs. The Heinkel project had been in development since August and was granted the point-defense commission on September 8th.


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