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Heinkel He 419

In 1943 the He 319 (project P1065 Ic) was proposed as a high-speed bomber or night fighter with a nose mounted armament of 4 x MK108 and powered by BMW801 radial engines. A mock-up was built the same year but destroyed during a RAF raid. All efforts converged immediately to a new program designated He 419. It consisted in a high-altitude fighter. The V1 (also A0 pre-series version) was actually built from a He 219 A-5 tail and fuselage with DB603G engines and a newly designed wing of 55 sq.m area.

The He 419 A1 was intended to be fitted with single fin unit for production simplification. To avoid production of newly designed pieces the A1 was overtaken by the He 419-B1/R1 version wich featured the same fin unit of the He 219. The 2000 hp DB603G engines were fitted with a turbo system driven by exhaust, and an endurance of about 2 hours. The B1 had a larger wing of 59 sq.m. Armament consisted in 2xMG151 in the wing roots and 2 x MK108 in a ventral tray. Maximum speed reached was 670 km/h at 14.500 m; landing speed was 172 km/h; cruise speed was 650 km/h with a calculated range was 2.540 km.

Six finished He 419-B1/R1 were built in Marienehe utilizing He 219A-5 fuselages. The six were flown with the He 319 tail, very long-span wing of 59 square metres (635 sq ft), two 20 mm MG 151/20 in the wings and four 30 mm MK 108 in ventral housing. Speed was 422 mph (679 km/h) to 44,619 ft (13,600 m).

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