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Heinkel He 8

The He 8 floatplane, a development from the He 4 and 5, appeared in the autumn of 1927.

A single-engined seaplane with three seats inline in separated open cockpits. A low wing monoplane, braced underwing with by 4 pairs of masts in N configuration uniting the two floats in the catamaran and the base of the fuselage. The cantilever horizontal stabilizer was on the back of the fuselage. Construction was wood and fabric for the aerofoil, wood and plywood for the fuselage.
Powered was a 335kW / 450-hp Armstrong Siddeley Jaguar radial engine.
Twenty-two were ordered by the Danish naval flying corps, 16 of which were built in Denmark under the designation H.M.II. They were mainly used for reconnaissance and survey work as far north as Greenland. Some served until 1940. Maximum level speed was 218km/h. Armament comprised a rear-mounted machine-gun.
Total production: 22

Engine Armstrong Jaguar IV 420 hp
Propeller: two-bladed wooden fixed pitch
Wingspan: 16,80 m / 55 ft 1.5 in
Length: 11,50 m / 37 ft 8.3 in
Height: 3,90 m
Wing area: 49 sq.m
Empty weight: 1500 kg
MTOW: 2325 kg / 5126 1b
Wingg loading: 47,5 kg.sq.m
Power loading: 5,476 kg/hp
Max speed: 210 kph
Ceiling: 6000 m
Range: 800 km

Armament: 1 Madsen 7,7 mm

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