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One HD.35 was delivered to ther Swedish Army Aviation Service in August 1929 for evaluation as a primary trainer, designated Sk.5. It did not satisfy the requirements and further purchases did not follow. The sole copy of the Sk.5 went in 1926 to the flying military school F5 in Lyungbikhede, where it became the personal aircraft of pilot Arvid Flory. In the summer of 1929, it was sold into private hands. It continued to fly until 1940 with the new registration code SE-SAM.
Now this aircraft is located in a museum in Stockholm.

Engine 1 Mercedes D.II, 120 hp
Wingspan 10.97 m
Length, 7.40 m
Height, 3.10 m
Wing area, 32.40 sq.m
Empty weight 760 kg
Normal takeoff weight 1060 kg
Maximum speed, 138 km/h
Cruising speed, 120 km/h
Service range, 250 km
Climb rate, 108 m/min
Service ceiling, 3300 m
Passenger cap: 2
Crew: 1




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