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N7/46 P1040 was the swept-wing version of the N7, the P1052. Two of these aircraft were built for research purposes, with thirty-five degree swept-back wings - the first used by Hawker's to investigate the controllability and stability of sweptback wings at low speeds - and much the same engine lay-out as the P1040. First flown on 19 November 1948. After some development work, one of the P1052's was converted into the P1081. This was fully swept-back on all surfaces, and the engine lay-out was changed: instead of the split or bifurcated jet pipe, the engine had a straight-through jet pipe, exhausting in a single pipe under the tail. A prototype first flew in November 1948.
Both the P1052 and the P1081 were used for research only, and no production was begun.

Engine: Rolls-Royce Nene, 5000 lb (2268 kg).



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