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Hawker produced their first jet fighter, the P1040, to the specifica-tions of the Air Ministry, designed by the team headed by Sir Sydney Camm. In certain respects the P1040 was an unorthodox aircraft. Although fitted with a single Rolls Royce Nene engine with twin intakes at the wing roots, it had a split jet pipe with two exhausts at the wing root trailing edge on either side of the fuselage; it also had straight wings, a straight tail and a normal fin. It was a beautiful aircraft to fly with spring tab ailerons, and it attracted the attention of the Admiralty. The Royal Navy took it over, converted it for deck-landings with the addition of a hook, and gave it folding wings and other nautical refinements. This version of the P1040 became known as the N7/46, and was later produced as the Seahawk for the Fleet Air Arm. After the P1040 came the P1052, with a number of important changes in design.



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