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This experimental single-seat interceptor fighter designed by Sydney Camm to meet the requirements of Specification F.20/27, was flown in August 1928 with a 450hp Bristol Jupiter VII radial. Of metal construction with sharply staggered single-bay wings and a twin-Vickers gun armament, the prototype was re-engined with a 520hp Mercury VI in May 1930. It demonstrated a maximum level speed of 325km/h. By this time the F.20/27 specification had prompted Hawker to initiate development of a more advanced fighter as a private venture, and this, owing much to the F20/27, was to emerge as the Hornet in 1929.


Engine: 520hp Mercury VI
Max take-off weight: 1429 kg / 3150 lb
Empty weight: 977 kg / 2154 lb
Wingspan: 9.14 m / 29 ft 12 in
Length: 7.17 m / 23 ft 6 in
Height: 2.87 m / 9 ft 5 in
Wing area: 21.18 sq.m / 227.98 sq ft
Max. speed: 325 km/h / 202 mph





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