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Haufe Buzzer 2


A development of an earlier Nelson powered motor glider, the Buzzer 2’s propeller is driven through a 2:1 reduction chain, running enclosed in oil, which brings propeller rpm down to 3,000. Designed by Walter Haufe for self launching, it features a single centerline fixed wheel and small wing outrigger wheels for taxiing, with a steel tube fuselage and tail, single-spar, single-strut wood wing, and fabric cover.

Engine: Curtiss snowmobile 2-cycle
Wing span: 10.36m / 34ft
Wing area: 11.52sq.m / 124sq.ft
Empty Weight: 177kg / 390lb
Payload: 95kg / 210lb
Gross Weight: 272kg / 600lb
Wing Load: 23.61kg/sq.m / 4.8lb/sq.ft
Water Ballast: 0
Aspect ratio: 8
Seats: 1
Airfoil: NACA 2412 modified
No. Built: 1



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