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Hart Aero Light Sport Aircraft Aero Sport


The Hart Aero Sport is our answer to the cry for an FAA legal, safe, three axis, back to basics aircraft that fits the Ultralight category using a Rotax 447 or the new Light Sport Aircraft and Sport Pilot rules using a Rotax 447 or Rotax 503. With three axis controls and dual controls, it handles just like a "real" airplane. The Hart Aero Sport is a full three axis aircraft with a center mount stick & is covered with the certified poly fiber or ceconite process. This kit comes ready to assemble with all machining & required welding pre-done. Assembly time is normally around 100/200 man hours depending on experience. Price 2009: 4999 US$

Stall: 22 kt / 25 mph / 41 kmh
Cruise: 70 kt / 81 mph / 130 kmh
VNE: 100 kt / 115 mph / 185 kmh
Empty Weight: 125 kg / 275 lbs
MTOW Weight: 261 kg / 575 lbs
Climb Ratio: 1000 ft/min / 5 m/s
Glide Ratio: 16:1
Take-off distance (50ft obstacle): 250 ft / 76 m
Landing distance (50ft obstacle): 250 ft / 76 m



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