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Harbin SH-5 / PS-5




The SH-5 is an indigenous seaplane designed to replace the domestically produced Beriev Be-6s then in PLANAF service. Design work began in 1970, with the new aircraft aimed at performing maritime patrol and search and rescue duties. An entirely new in design, static testing didn’t begin until 1974. The Harbin Shuishang Hongzhaji 5 / PS-5 first flew April 1976, with series production commencing 1984 and 8-9 built to 1987 at Harbin.
The four-turboprop amphibian PS-5 appears to have the wing and powerplant of the Y-8 (An-12) transport and the tailplane and twin fins of the Beriev Be-6, combined with a new fuselage.
Powered by four 3,150 hp WJ­-5A-1 (AI-24A) turboprops, PS-5S has 22,045-lb (10-tonne) max payload, includ­ing four torpedoes or AShMs on underwing racks, or up to 13,227 lb (six tonnes) of depth bombs.
The SH-5 saw active use, and several of the aircraft were upgraded with EW systems. One example was converted for use as an aerial firefighter. In 2009, production of a new variant was announced with deliveries planned for 2014.








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