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Hanriot IX

Hanriot entered three machines into the 1911 Concours military trials. A larger machine than the VIII, the 100hp Clement-Bayard powered IX had two pair of wheels, a fuel tank carried below the fuselage in the middle of the undercarriage birdcage, and two smaller tanks on the pylon. The rear pylon uprights were curved, coming to a point at the top rather like a gothic arch. Radiators are mounted on each side of the forward fuse Antoinette-style. The rear fuse is fabric-covered and the rudder is completely above the stabilizer/elevators (whereas earlier types had a “fishtail” rudder centered on the back end with small fins above and below the fuse). Curiously, there is one photo of what appears to be this machine with an early-style rudder. There is a large steering wheel in place of the trademark Hanriot dual levers.

A photo of Dubreuil in the cockpit of the shorter-winged one (IX) shows a small "23" on the fusealge side, near the seat.


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