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Hanriot VI




This single-seat machine was introduced by Louis Wagner at the Budapest meet (No.3) in June 1910. Later that month Marcel Hanriot piloted such a type at the meeting of Rouen (No.20).
The VI seems to be the most successful and popular of all the Hanriots. A triangular-section fuse that is wood planked in front and fabric-covered in rear, six-legged undercarriage with an auxiliary diagonal inverted-V brace in the forward bay, no tank suspended from the pylon and what appears to be a small wheel at the end of the tailskid.
But the Type VI was then the high praised machine and entered to most of the important and less important meetings. The type V and type VI were used in 1910 by Marcel Hanriot in air meets.
The 1910-type Hanriot was flown by Georges Bathiat at the September 1910 Maubeuge meeting.
By the end of 1910 the Type VI had lost its tiny tailwheel and was eventually fitted with an 8-cylinder ENV (60 hp).
Engine: Grégoire-Gyp / 8-cylinder ENV, 60 hp
Wingspan: 43 feet
Wing area: 300 square feet
Total weight: 1,120 pounds

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