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Hastings Met.1

The Hastings was a general-purpose long-range transport flown by the RAF and RNZAF. Its roles included those of freighter, paratroop-transport, ambulance, troop-carrier, supply-dropper, jeep-carrier and glider-tug, first flown on May 7, 1946.

The initial production version was the C.1, first flown on 25 April 1947 and powered by four Bristol Hercules 101 engines. All C.1s were subsequently modified to Mk 2 standard and redesignated C.1As. The C.2 was powered by four Hercules 106 engines, had the tailplane lowered to the centreline of the fuselage and increased in area, extra fuel tanks, and the crew rest station replaced by an air-quartermaster post. The Hercules 737-powered C.3 was similar to the Mk 2 - and four were supplied to the RNZAF.


Hasting C.3


The final version was the C.4, a VIP version of the Mk 2 with accommodation for four VIPs and staff. Four were delivered to RAF Transport Command, bringing the total number of Hastings operated by the RAF up to 147. The last Hastings were withdrawn from service in 1968.


Hastings C.2
Engines: 4 x Bristol Hercules 106, 1249kW
Max take-off weight: 36280 kg / 79984 lb
Empty weight: 21960 kg / 48414 lb
Wingspan: 34.44 m / 112 ft 12 in
Length: 25.20 m / 82 ft 8 in
Height: 6.86 m / 22 ft 6 in
Wing area: 130.80 sq.m / 1407.92 sq ft
Max. speed: 560 km/h / 348 mph
Cruise speed: 486 km/h / 302 mph
Ceiling: 8075 m / 26500 ft
Range: 2720 km / 1690 miles

Engines: 4 x Bristol Hercules 737, 2040 hp.
MAUW: 83,000 lbs.
Max speed: 350 mph



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