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The Hinaidi was a structural rather than aerodynamic development of the Hyderabad (with a primary structure of metal rather than wood in the main production variant) and with Jupiter radials in place of the Lion inlines for slightly better performance with a usefully increased warload. The two Hinaidi prototypes were Hyderabad conversions and thus retained a wooden structure, and first flew in March 1927.

The 12 new-build Hinaidi Mk Is retained the Hyderabad’s wooden construction, and were complemented by seven Hyderabad conversions before the advent of the metal-structured Hinaidi Mk II (first flown 8 Feb 1929), of which 33 were built up to 1932.



The first Hinaidi unit was No. 99 Squadron, which received its aircraft from October 1929. There followed No. 10 Squadron, together with Nos 502 and 503 Squadrons of the Auxiliary Air Force. Hinaidis were replaced by Heyfords from 1933, and declared obsolete during 1937.

The RAF also received three examples of the troop-transport version known as the Clive (formerly Chitral). Each could accommodate 17 fully armed troops, or equivalent freight; folding seats being provided on both sides of the cabin and racks for the rifles. Two gun positions were retained (nose and dorsal). The first Clive was later civil registered G-ABYX and named Youth of Australia (subsequently Astra).

HP.35 Clive

Hinaidi Mk II
Engines: 2 x Bristol Jupiter VIII, 328kW (440 hp)
Span: 22.86m (75ft).
Length: 18.03m (59ft2in).
Height: 5.18 m / 16 ft 12 in
Wing area: 136.66 sq.m / 1470.99 sq ft
Max T/O weight: 6577 kg (14,500 lb).
Empty weight: 3647 kg / 8040 lb
Max speed: 106 kts / 196 km/h / 122 mph at sea level.
Cruise speed: 121 km/h / 75 mph
Ceiling: 4420 m / 14500 ft
Range: 1368 km / 850 miles
Armament: 3 x 7.7-mm (0.303-in) machine-guns, 657 kg (1,4481b) bombs
Operational range: 850 miles.
Crew: 4



H.P.36 Hinaidi



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