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Hall Cherokee II



The Cherokee II, designed by Stanley Hall, was introduced in 1956 specifically for amateur construction from plans. The entire wood airframe is covered in fabric. Upper surface spoilers control the glidepath, and the landing gear is fixed. Many examples vary in detail. L/D max. 23. The design was further developed by several builders including the Cherokee RM by Terry Miller and John Ree with a 13.4 m. / 44 ft. span wing with NACA 64(3)-618 airfoil which increased L/D max. to about 28, and the 15 m. Leonard Annebula which has Prue type trailling edge airbrakes and a claimed L/D max. of 31.


Cherokee II

Plans are available only as secondhand now. A Cherokee RM belongs to the National Soaring Museum.


The Flagor/Hall powered version of a Hall Cherokee II single seater sailplane was produced by Mr Ken Flaglor of Northbrook, Illinois, who fitted the Cherokee II he had built from plans some years before with two 10hp West Bend Model 82001-1 and Model 82002-1 Power Bee go-kart engines. These were mounted on pylons each side of the fuselage under the wings, and drove opposite-rotating Troyer wooden pusher propellers of 2 ft 0 in diameter; the fuel capacity was 2 US gallons. The first flight of Mr Flaglor's powered Cherokee II, registered N12042, was made in June 1964. The basic Cherokee II is a shoulder wing single seater of conventional wood and fabric construction, plans of which were marketed by its designer, Mr Stanley A. Hall.


Wing span: 12.19m / 40ft
Wing area: 11.61sq.m / 125sq.ft
Empty Weight: 154kg / 340lb
Payload: 86kg / 190lb
Gross Weight: 240kg / 530lb
Wing Load: 20.3kg/sq.m / 4.23lb/sq.ft
Aspect ratio: 12.8
Airfoil: Go 549
MinSink: 0.82 m/s / 2.7 fps / 1.59 kt
No. of Seats: 1
L/DMax: 23 @ 74 kph / 36 kt / 46 mph
No. Built: 80
Structure: wood/fabric; 2-spar wing


Flagor/Hall Cherokee II
Engines: 2 x 10hp West Bend Model 82001-1 and Model 82002-1 Power Bee
Propellers: 2 x Troyer wooden 2 ft 0 in diameter
Span: 40 ft 0 in
Length: 21 ft 6 in
Wing area: 125 sqft
Aspect ratio: 12.8
Empty weight: 375 lb
Max weight: 580 1b
Fuel capacity: 2 US gallons
Max level speed: 72 mph (power on)
Cruising speed: 60 mph (power on)
Min sinking speed: 4 ft/sec (unpowered)
Best glide ratio: 16.5:1 at4 5mph (unpowered)
Take-off run: 900 ft
Endurance: 1 hour (power on)





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