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Hall Ibex

This pod-and-boom sailplane was designed by Stanley Hall to explore a fuselage with reduced wetted area; to learn more about the effect of a gull wing on hands-off stability while spiraling; and to investigate low-speed performance characteristics as affected by unusually wide NACA slot-lip flaps. The sole Ibex belongs to the National Soaring Museum

Wing span: 14.9m /49ft
Wing area: 11.61sq.m / 125sq.ft
Empty Weight: 263kg / 580lb
Payload: 147kg / 325lb
Gross Weight: 410kg / 905lb
Wing Load: 35.31kg/sq.m / 7.25lb/sq.ft
Water Ballast: 61kg / 135lb
Aspect ratio: 19.2
L/DMax: 34
No. of Seats: 1
Airfoil: FX 61-163 root, 60-126 tip
Structure: plywood, foam, and fibreglass



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