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Haenlein Airship

In 1860 Belgian Etienne Lenoir patented a gas engine fuelled by coal gas. Paul Haenlein employed a four-cylinder Lenoir engine producing 5 hp in his airship at Brunn in 1872.
The airship’s varnished silk envelope was filled with coal gas, which supplied the engine at a rate of 250 cu.ft of gas per hour, turning a large propeller at 40 rpm. Internal pressure was maintained by a ballonet supplied with air rom a mechanical pump, fitted to compnsate for the coal gas burned in flight. During the first trial at Brunn in December 1872, perceptible control and a degree of acceleration were evident, with the craft achieving 11 mph.
Despite the initial success of this and further trials, the early Lenoir engines suffered from a poor power-to-weight ratio and low power. Haenlein eventually abandoned his work, frustrated by the lack of suitable engine.
Envelope capacity: 72,000 ft
Length: 150 ft
Diameter: 30 ft
Height: 44 ft
Gross lift: 2.1 ton
Disposable load: 0.30 ton
Engine: 1 x Lenoir 4 cyl gass, 5 hp
Speed: 11 mph
Range: 10 mi
Crew: 1
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