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Gyrodyne XRON-1 Rotorcycle

In 1956, Gyrodyne entered the competition to produce a single seat "personal" helicopter for operation off destroyer heli-decks for fleet observation, and for battlefield support, and built ten examples of the XRON-1 for the U.S. Navy. These also had a coaxial rotor layout and a 40hp Nelson H.59 engine - later replaced by a 60hp Porsche. This experiment led to development of the QH-50 unmanned drone versions and Gyrodyne delivered over 60 production QH-50Cs.




The inverted V-tail assembly is for stability onl. All control is achieved through the overhead rotors. A feature is tip brakes mounted on the ends of the rotor blades which provide smooth directional control.






Crew: 1
Engine: 1 x Porsche 4-cylinder piston, 45kW
Take-off weight: 315kg
Payload: 105kg
Max speed: 110km/h
Service ceiling: 2000m
Range: 50-95km

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