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Gwinn Aircar


The first Aircar was completed in 1937 when it also received its Approved Type Certificate.

The test pilot for the Air Car was Richard K. Benson. During one flight he inadvertently got the Air Car into a spin and at about 10,000 feet and was able to recover at about 1000 feet. Saving the airframe got him a $10,000 reward from Gwinn.

As far as Benson knew at the time the Air Car was the first with tricycle landing gear. There was a hidden rudder trim handle under the pilots seat for testing and Benson was supicious that Mr. Hawks was unaware of it at the time of the crash.

Engine: 2 x Pobjoy Niagara II.
Seats: 2.
Top speed: 118 mph.
Cruise: 103 mph.
Landing speed: 41 mph.



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