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Until 2009, the Aeropro aircraft had the model name EuroFox for both the tricycle-gear and taildragger airplanes. To reflect the considerable development and evolution of the aircraft designs over the years, and with developments since the Aeropro aircraft have been delivered into the U.S. in the S-LSA category, the tricycle-gear aircraft model designation was changed to A240 and the taildragger aircraft given the model designation A220, and the aircraft sold in the U.S. and Canada are sold under our Aerotrek banner.



The Aerotrek A220 and A240 are factory-built two-seat aircraft, FAA-approved S-LSA (Special Light Sport Aircraft) that have a quick-folding wing design (only one-person, only 10 minutes).

Both the Aerotrek A220 and A240 are built in series-production.

The Aerotrek A220 taildragger has a range of 600+ miles, a cruise speed up to 120 mph, and a climb rate of over 1,000 fpm with the 100 hp engine. The cockpit has side-by-side seating, dual stick controls and is 44.1" wide.

The Aerotrek A220 taildragger features a composite main landing gear and has wide-spaced main wheels to aid with cross-wind landings and takeoffs. The forward visibility of the A220 is helped by having clear polycarbonate doors for visibility out the side of the aircraft. The A220 also features a new dual toe brake system and larger tundra tires.


Aeropro EuroFox


The Aerotrek A240 tricycle-gear and A220 taildragger S-LSA have payloads of 585- and 650-pound useful loads respectively, and more than 400 of them have been flying worldwide since 1990. Options include Dynon SkyView, tundra tires and a "well-equipped" price of US$84,950 (2012).


Aerotrek A240


Aeropro CZ EuroFox
Empty Weight: 288 kg / 636 lb
MTOW Weight: 599 kg / 1320 lbs
Stall: 35 kt / 40 mph / 64 kmh
Cruise: 103 kt / 118 mph / 190 kmh
VNE: 111 kt / 128 mph / 206 kmh
Climb Rate: 1200 ft/min / 6 m/s
Glide Ratio: 14:1
Take-off distance (50ft obstacle): 400 ft / 122 m
Landing distance (50ft obstacle): 460 ft / 140 m
2009 Price: 39500 EURO


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