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Gulfstream G-1159 Gulfstream II


The Gulfstream I, the first of its kind designed specifically for business travel, was a success in the business world, prompting Grumman to develop a jet-powered corporate aircraft called the Gulfstream II or GII.

The Grumman Gulfstream II was originally designed as a business jet, but an enlarged version would eventually serve in feeder airline use. Production of the swept-wing Model II version with turbofan engines started in 1965, and the first delivery was in 1967. It is one of the larger business jets, with a gross weight of 58,000 pounds. It is also one of the fastest, with a top speed of 589 mph, and it has a long-range capability of up to 3,600 miles.

The 200th Gulfstream II was delivered in 1977.

In 1981, Gulfstream introduced the Gulfstream GIIB. The GIIB had a modified GII fuselage and the GIII wings, complete with winglets. The variant offered weight and performance characteristics similar to the GIII, but with the shorter GII fuselage. Gulfstream completed and delivered approximately 40 GIIBs.

The 256th and final GII delivery took place in 1977.

Gulfstream II 1959
Engines: 2 x RR Spey Mk.511-8 turbofan, 11,400 lb.
Seats: 12/19.
Wing loading: 80.9 lb/sq.ft.
Pwr loading: 2.87 lb/hp.
Empty wt. 29,000 lb
Max TO wt: 65,500 lb.
Operating wt: 36,900 lb.
Equipped useful load: 28,207 lb.
Payload max fuel: 907 lb.
Zero fuel wt: 42,000 lb.
Range max fuel/cruise: 1701 nm/3.2 hr.
Range max fuel / range: 4009 nm/ 10.2 hr.
Service ceiling: 43,000 ft.
Top speed 588 mph
Max cruise: 512 kt.
Max range cruise: 395 kt.
Vmc: 89 kt.
Stall: 108-130 kt.
1.3 Vso: 140 kt.
ROC: 4350 fpm.
SE ROC: 1525 fpm @ 214 kt.
SE Service ceiling: 24,500 ft.
BFL: 5700 ft.
Cabin press: 9.45 psi.
Fuel cap: 23,300/27,300 lb.
Takeoff run 5,000 ft.
Landing roll 3,190 ft.



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