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Grumman American was established in 1972 when the Grumman Corporation acquired 80% of American Aviation’s stock in January 1973, and produced the Gulfstream 2 executive transport and the Lynx, Cheetah, Tiger, Cougar, and T-cat family of light aircraft. Also marketed the Super AgCat cropduster, built for Grumman by Schweizer Aircraft.
In 1976 Grumman Aviation moved production south to Savanna, Georgia.

During 1978 Grummans interest was bought out by American Jet Industries to form Gulfstream American Corp who continued production until late 1979, by which time 4879 aircraft had been produced: 1822 AA-1 series, 3054 AA-5 series and 3 prototypes.

Defense giant General Dynamics bought the business jet maker Gulfstream Aerospace in a stock deal estimated to be worth about $5.3 billion in 1999.


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