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Bartini VVA-14-1/M-62



"ВВА-14" VVA-14 Bartini-Beriev CCCP-19172


A team led by Roberto Oros di Bartini, a communist who had left fascist Italy for the USSR, presented in 1955 the project of a supersonic flying A-55 medium-range bomber boat. After the comprehensive development and improvement of this project, Bartini approached the creation of the Wing-In-Ground-Effect.

In the late 50s - early 60s, he created the SVVP-2500 vehicle with a take-off weight of 2500 tons in the form of a flying wing with a square center-section and consoles and a power plant made from lifting and cruising engines. The project was implemented in the mid-60s in the form of the VVA-14 anti-submarine VTOL-amphibious amphibian, with which test flights were conducted.
VVA-14 at the Air Force Museum
After the death of Bartini in the design of the device were identified shortcomings that required a serious rework. In 1976, it was decided to discontinue development.





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