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Grumman G-98 F11F Tiger / F-11




The US Navy's first transonic shipboard warplane, development of the G-98 was ordered on 27 April 1953 as a revised and improved F9F-6. In the event, there was no commonality with the earlier fighter, but nevertheless, when the first example was flown on 30 July 1954, it was designated YF9F-9, this being changed to F11F-1 in April 1955.

Difficulties with the intended afterburning Wright J65-W-6 engine dictated installation of the derated J65-W-18 in the production F11F-1 with a maximum military thrust of 7,450 lb (3379 kg) and 10,500 lb (4 763 kg) with full reheat. In consequence, the F11F-1 failed to meet contractual performance guarantees.


F11F-1 Tiger

Able to fly supersonic in level flight, the F11F-9 Tiger was in production for the U.S. Navy in 1955. Six prototypes and 39 F9F-9 were ordered initially. A small number of pre-production aircraft, each with a Wright J65-W-6 turbojet engine with afterburner, were followed by 39 production aircraft (ordered with J65-W-4 afterburning engines).

The last two Tigers of the initial production batch were fitted with the General Electric YJ79-GE-7 turbojet rated at 9,600 lb (4 355 kg) military thrust and 15,000 lb (6 804 kg) with reheat as F11F-1Fs.

One of the F11F-1Fs attained a speed of 1,963km/h and set a short-lived height record on 18 April 1958 of 23,449m.



A further contract for J65-W-18-engined Tigers placed for the US Navy brought the total number of F11F-1s built to 201, but these were gradually phased out of first-line service from 1959. Those which remained in second-line service when the tri-service designations became rationalised in 1962 were redesignated F-11A.

Production was limited to 201 aeroplanes, the last being delivered in March 1957, service phase-out commencing in 1959. 


F11F-9 Tiger



Engine: 1 x Wright J-65-W-6, 33.8kN
Max speed, 753 mph (1212 km/h) at sea level.
Initial climb, 16,300 ft/min (82,8 m/sec).
Range, 1,108 mls (1783 km).
Service ceiling: 16700 m / 54800 ft
Empty weight, 13,307 lb (6 036 kg).
Max loaded weight, 23,459 lb (10 641 kg).
Span, 31 ft 8 in (9,65 m).
Length, 44 ft 10.75 in (13,68 m).
Height, 13 ft 2.75 in (4,03 m).
Wing area, 250 sq ft (23,22 sq.m).
Armament: four 20-mm cannon.
Crew: 1


F11F-9 Tiger
Naval fighter
Crew: 1
Engine: Wright J65-W-7 Sapphire turbojet, with afterburner, 7500 lb. thrust.
Wingspan: 31 ft. 5 in
Length: 39 ft.
Loaded weight: approx. 14,000 lb.




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