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Burkhart Grob Luft und Raumfahrt GmbH & Co Kg

1926: Company foundation in Munich


Aviation work began in 1971 and has since built many thousands of motorgliders, lightplanes and other aircraft.
Burkhart Grob Flugzeugbau GmbH built the Schempp-Hirth Standard Cirrus under licence during 1972-75.

1974: Foundation of aircraft plant in Mattsies

Aircraft include the G 103 Twin III and G 109 series of gliders/motorgliders, piston-engined G 115 two-seat lightplane (some versions suited to training and aerobatics; first flown November 1985), GF 200 pusher piston-engined and pressurised 4/5-seat lightplane (first flown November 1991, turboprop-powered G-520 Egrett and Strato 1 high-altitude and long-duration research platforms capable of carrying different electronic payloads in 12 separate compartments (first flown June 1987 in G-500 Egrett form), and the most recent G-850 Strato 2C high-altitude and long-duration atmospheric/ stratospheric/ climatic research aircraft with a unique compound propulsion system using two turbocharged piston engines and two gas generators (first flown March 1995).


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