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Gradiant Aspen


The Aspen XC / performance glider offered a step up from the Onyx. In the design, Gradient used a new shape and position for the cell openings. Attention was given to the relationship between the tension in the leading edge and trailing edge. When the tension in the leading edge and trailing edge of the canopy is well balanced, the glider feels compact, has very good performance and gives perfect feedback to the pilot. The Aspen is also said to have a unique sink ratio, a "perfect manoeuvrability" and good recovery from accelerated asymmetric tuck. The Aspen was available in DHV 2 sizes 26-28.


The DHV 2 Aspen II has a new airfoil section and canopy curves, and is made with new materials, including Edelrid 7443 series lines, and narrower webbing for the riser system. The upper sail is made of Porcher Marine Skytex S 9092 water repellent (45g/sq.m) with Porcher Marine Skytex S 9017 (40g/sq.m) for the lower surface, and Porcher Marine Skytex for the ribs. Gradient 's objective was to create “an even better glider” than the first Aspen, keeping its flying characteristics but increasing the high performance and safety. New in the Aspen 2 is the attention paid to the leading edge, and the position, area and shaping of the air entry ports for “high stability over a very wide speed range (angle of attack)”. The glider also features new low drag micro attachment points on the wing tips. The Aspen 2 was available in 5 sizes and 5 color schemes.


Pilot wt: 80-105 kg.


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