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GAF N24 Nomad


Originally designed in the 1960s as a STOL utility aircraft for both civil and military use.  The first prototype flew in 1971.

One hundred and seventy were sold by GAF / ASTA.

Certification in accordance with the Australian Department of Transport air regulation 27 approves the use of N24A as an 18-place airliner in regular public transport as well as in normal operation. N24A is an improved version of the previous ‘stretched’ Nomad N24. It has increased passenger and load carrying capacity with an all-up-weight of 9400 pounds from the original 8500 pounds.

Production ceased in 1984 after safety concerns following a number of accidents and the loss if 54 lives.

Boeing obtained the type certificate via its 1999 acquisition of Rockwell, which had previously acquired ASTA.

Gippsland Aeronautics purchased the GAF N24 Nomad type certificate from Boeing Australia and planned to restart production.

Engine: 2 x Allison 250-B17B, 400 hp.
Seats: 18.
Wing loading: 27 lb/sq.ft.
Pwr loading: 10.5 lb/hp.
Gross wt: 8750 lb.
Empty wt: 4844 lb.
Equipped useful load: 3811 lb.
Payload max fuel: 1451 lb.
Range max fuel/75%: 964nm/5.7hr.
Range max fuel /55%: 1071nm/7.7hr.
Ceiling: 22,500 ft.
Max cruise: 167 kt.
Max range cruise: 140 kt.
Vmc: 62 kt.
Stall: 52-70 kt.
1.3 Vso: 68 kt.
ROC: 1430 fpm.
SE ROC: 280 fpm @ 87 kt.
SE ceiling: 9000 ft.
Min field length: 1100 ft.
Fuel cap: 1770/2360 lb.

Engines: 2 x Allison 250-B17C, 400 shp.
Props: Hartzell 3-blade, 90-in.
Seats: 17.
Length: 47 ft.
Height: 18.2 ft.
Wingspan: 54.2 ft.
Wing area: 320 sq.ft.
Wing aspect ratio: 9.1.
Maximum ramp weight: 9450 lbs.
Maximum takeoff weight: 9400 lbs.
Standard empty weight: 5480 lbs.
Maximum useful load: 3970 lbs.
Maximum landing weight: 9200 lbs.
Wing loading: 20.9 lbs/sq.ft.
Power loading: 12.2 lbs/hp.
Maximum usable fuel: 1770 lbs.
Best rate of climb: 1313 fpm.
Service ceiling: 23,300 ft.
Maximum single-engine rate of climb: 240 fpm @ 96 kts.
Single-engine climb gradient: 113 ft/nm.
Single-engine ceiling: 11,390 ft.
Maximum speed: 173 kts.
Normal cruise @ 8,000 ft: 169 kts.
Fuel flow @ normal cruise: 335 pph.
Endurance at normal cruise: 5.3 hrs:
Stalling speed clean: 72 kts.
Stalling speed gear/flaps down: 57 kts.
Turbulent-air penetration speed: 134 kts.
Takeoff distance (50ft) 1,710 ft
Landing distance (50 ft) 1,380 ft



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