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GAF N22 Nomad


In 1965 design studies were started by GAF to find a follow-on production commitment. Interest expressed from commercial operators lead to a twin engined utility transport. Production commenced on the prototypes in January 1970 with flight testing beginning in 1971.

Conversion to N.22A allowed an increase in AUW.

The final version, launched in May 1985, was the N22C, aimed at the commuter airline market and offering an increased all-up weight of 4,060kg.

Three military variants of the N22/N24 Nomad, the utility Missionmaster, the coastal surveillance Searchmaster B with 1200 scan Bendix radar, and the Searchmaster L with 3600 scan Litton radar, were built for five customers.

The Nomad is designed and built by the Government Aircraft Factories in Australia in two models. These are the short-takeoff-and-landing (STOL) Nomad N22B and the Nomad N24A commuter aircraft. Variations on the basic aircraft include the Mission Master, the Search Master for maritime surveillance work, and a photographic and mapping model. The aircraft have proven successful in many countries, often flying over rugged terrain in climates ranging from tropical to subarctic. Its STOL capability, originally developed for Australian military use, has made it ideal for operations in rugged areas such as the highlands of Papua, New Guinea. The N22B, capable of carrying up to 12 passengers, can take off in only 800 feet. The larger N24A is a later development of the basic aircraft capable of carrying more passengers and cargo.

The Nomad is characterized by simplicity of construction and systems, which contribute to its economy of operation. Its two Allison 250-B17C turboprops are rated at 420 shp, producing more than two horsepower per pound of engine weight. The B17C offers an improved single-engine high-altitude performance capability and a more rugged gearbox.

Engines: 2 x Allison 250-B17, 416 shp.
Props: Hartzell 3 blade reversible 7 ft 6 in.
Fuel cap: 1030 lt.
Wing span: 54.0 ft (16.46 m).
Length: 41.2 ft (12.57 m).
Height (tail section): 18.12 ft (5.52m).
Main wheel track: 10.6 ft (3.23m).
Wheel base: 12 ft (3.66 m).
Propeller ground clearance: 4 ft (1.22m).
Wing area: 324 sq.ft (30.2 sq.m).
Wing loading at max. gross weight: 26.2 lbsft) 127.9 kg/ sq.m).
Power loading at max. gross weight: 10.2 lbs eshp (4.64 kg eshp).
(Excluding flight deck) - Cabin length: 17.5ft (5.34m).
Cabin height: 5.13ft (1.57m).
Cabin volume: 360 cu.ft (10.2 cu.m).
Cabin door size: 4.06 ft x 4.33 ft (1.24 m x 1.32m).
Baggage compartment volume (nose): 28 cu.ft ( 0.79 cu.m).
Baggage compartment volume (rear): 30 cu.ft (0.85 cu.m).
Take of pwr: 416 eshp (400shp).
Maximum continuous: 400 eshp (385 shp).
Maximum cruise: 380 eshp (366 shp).
Normal internal fuel tanks (usable): 227 Imp gals (1030 lt, 268 U S gals).
Maximum take-off: 8500 lbs (3856 kg).
Maximum landing: 8500 lbs (3856 kg).
Typical operating empty (including commercial interior and avionics): 4730 lbs (2146 kg).
Max fuel capacity (usable): 1793 lbs (813.5 kg).
Tyre size - Nosewheel: 35 p.s i. (241.1 KPa).
Mainwheels (dual): 29 p s i. (199.8 KPa).
All performance quoted at 8500 lbs (3856 kg) TO weight - STOL
Ground roll: 600 ft (183 m).
Distance over 50 ft: 1050 ft (320 m).
FAR 23 Ground roll: 800 ft (244 m).
Distance over 50 ft: 1360 ft (415 m).
STOL Ground roll: 250 ft (76 m).
Distance over 50 ft: 635 ft (194 m).
FAR 23 (no reverse thrust) Ground roll: 655 ft (200 m).
Distance over 50 ft: 1150 ft (351 m).
Stalling Flaps retracted: 68 knots EAS.
Flaps extended: 49 knots EAS.
ROC take-off rating: 1440 fpm (439 m/min).
ROC max. cruise rating: 1260 fpm (384 m/min).
ROC Single engine wax. continuous: 220 fpm (67 m/min).
Service ceiling: 22,500 ft (6858m).
Single engine max continuous rating service ceiling: 10,000 ft (3050 m).
Max. cruise speed — ISA, 5000 ft (1 525 m): 169 kt.
Cruise speed 90% power ISA 5000 ft: 165 kt.
Long range cruise speed 145 kts
TAS: 50 NM wth 3300 lbs (1496kg) payload; 860nm wth 1617lb (733kg).
Max cruise speed (168 knots TAS) range: 50nm wth 3280 lbs (1470 kg) payload; 730nm wth 1617 lbs (733 kg) payload.

N22C Nomad
Engine: 2 x Allison 250.
Installed pwr: 630 kW.
Span: 16.5 m.
Length: 12.6 m.
Wing area: 30 sq.m.
Empty wt: 2092 kg.
MTOW: 4060 kg.
Payload: 1630 kg.
Vne: 200 kts.
Cruise speed: 304 kph.
Initial ROC: 445 m / min.
Ceiling: 7620 m.
T/O run (to 15m): 400 m.
Ldg run (from 15m): 385 m.
Fuel internal: 1018 (+335) lt.
Range (std fuel): 1460 km.
Capacity: 13 pax.



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